Adult Pet Wellness Plans


Dogs and cats age at a much faster rate than people. For every year that you age, your dog or cat can age from 6 to 8 years.

Your pet’s medical and nutritional needs change as their bodies age. A Preventive Care Plan helps manage their evolving health care needs by monitoring vital organ function and detecting problems early, before they become life threatening.

The Adult Preventive Care Plans offered by San Ramon Veterinary Hospital includes recommended preventive care examinations, vaccines, and diagnostic tests essential to protect your pet and to detect health changes early. The Adult Plus Dental Plan is designed to provide annual routine dental cleanings and more extensive annual blood work. Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout their lives.

Adult Petly Plans are designed for pets older than 7 months of age. Ask our team which plan best fits the needs of your pet.

Service Guide
Adult Basic
Adult Plus Dental
Comprehensive Physical Examinations (unlimited)
Routine Toe Nail Trims (unlimited)
Core Vaccine Series (based on age, breed & risk)
Intestinal Parasite & Giardia Screen
Heartworm Test 4DX (dogs)
Chemistry Profile Comprehensive
Routine Dental Cleaning Package
Membership Fees
Adult Basic
Adult Plus Dental
Initial Membership Fee (receive 1/2 off fee for additional pets!)
Monthly Payment Cats
Monthly Payment Dogs
Additional Discounts (eligible non-wellness plan items)
Average Annual Savings of $100 or more!

• Plan is non-transferrable
• An appointment must be scheduled for all services to be covered
• Plan cannot be applied to past visits
• If patient is in heat, pregnant or cryptorchid at the time of surgery, additional fees will apply.