So You Got A New Pet…


The First Step To Protecting Your New Pet

We are here to help you make sure your new family member is healthy and protected. The following series of core vaccines must be given in sequence to make sure that your pet is completely protected. These vaccines are given with their boosters 3 weeks apart. If your pet fails to receive these vaccines and the subsequent boosters on schedule, we may be forced to add to or restart the process.

Puppy Vaccines

  • DHPP with 2-3 boosters
  • Rabies: at or after 4 months
  • Bordetella: 1st intranasal and 2nd injectable booster

Optional Vaccines:

  • Lepto with one booster
  • Lyme with one booster

Kitten Vaccines

Indoor Only Felines:

  • FVRCP with 1-3 boosters
  • Rabies after 4 months

Outdoor Felines:

  • Feline leukemia with 1 booster

After the boosters are complete, your pet will be safe for 1 year!

More Recommended Ways To Protect Your Pet

Preventing Intestinal Parasites

Pets are also predisposed to intestinal parasites. Current stool testing and deworming are an important part of keeping your pet safe.

Heartworm Testing

We also recommend a heartworm test after 7 months of age. You will want to discuss with your doctor the best heartworm preventative for your pet’s specific needs.


Microchipping is also a great way to keep your pet safe, and in the worst case, it will give you the best possible chances of reuniting with your furry loved ones.

Spay & Neuter

Neutering or Spaying your pet is a great way to avoid having puppies in the future, but it also takes away the risks of developing conditions such as testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.

Petly Puppy & Kitten Plans

Signing your puppy up for a Pet Health Plan is another way to ensure that you can provide your pet with the care they need, when they need it. Health plans provide a well-rounded plan of wellness & preventive services, at a reasonable monthly fee.

If you are interested in scheduling preventive care for your new pet, contact us today. We are happy to help you plan for the first year of your pet’s life, and make sure that they grow up to be healthy and strong!