Tracy R., Facebook
“So sweet and try alternatives before expensive surgery. Fortunately worked for my cat Miss Lulu after a vicious pit bull attack. Everyone here really cares about our furry family and it shows! Highly recommend!”

Cyndi D., Google+
“I just recently moved from Idaho and I have a pug “Rosie” who has a collapsed trachea. She was in distress a few weeks ago and they took her right in at 7:30pm. All the staff were very friendly, helpful, informative, and compassionate. Dr. G took good care of Rosie and I really appreciate their willingness to take on a new patient in Rosie’s time of need! Also, Dr. G’s follow up is exceptional! Thank you, Dr. G & Team!”

Albert W., Google+
“We are very satisfied with San Ramon Veterinary Hospital. They do not pressure you for services you deemed not necessary. The are polite and cooperative.”

Victoria E., Google+
“I moved to San Ramon from Colorado with my dog, Hugo, who had previously been diagnosed with a fatal disease. Dr. G was so above and beyond–more above and beyond than any vet I’ve ever dealt with. He loves animals, and it shows. He bent over backwards to help my dog and worked with me financially. He even told me to text him anytime–whether it be a Sunday or the middle of the night–if Hugo took a turn for the worse. Dr. G had great insight with Hugo’s disease and came up with alternatives when my dog’s health inevitably began its final decline in order to give me a few more weeks with him. When it was time for Hugo’s “final” appointment, Dr. G and his staff were so full of warmth and sympathy… As if they were losing their own four-legged friend. I am lucky to have met Dr. G and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for veterinary care.”

Chris Senti, Google+
“Dr. G and his staff are always friendly, communicate well and listen to our concerns. Our dog and 2 cats are well cared for and we are confident in the care they receive. Surprising even after Lucky was neutered he was happy to see Dr. G and staff.”

Michael M., Google+
“Wonderful staff, great facility. Always caring, send out helpful tips and reminders, not ‘pushy’. They not only remember me (even with infrequent visits) but most importantly, they remember Jack, my Rat Terrier. Although I have moved from the area, I will continue to take Jack to them, very professional, informative, and friendly.”

“My Golden Retriever Dakota just loves this place. He loves the girls that work there and the girls love him.

They give him toys, chewies, and lots of love. But, more importantly, because of their attention to detail and complete thoroughness, they have now caught cancer (yet again) in my dog — very early — from routine inspection, while he was undergoing other treatment.

They have probably saved his life twice now.”