About Us


San Ramon Veterinary Hospital endeavors to provide the best medical, diagnostic, surgical and nursing care for our patients at all times. We strive to:

  • Provide clients with what they need to attain optimum health for their pet(s).
  • Listen to  our clients so we know what they want for their pet(s).
  • Thoroughly evaluate each patient through listening, examining, observing, understanding, and then diagnosing.
  • Communicate to the the best of our ability what is needed and what is wanted for the health and well being of each and  every patient. Our concern at SRVH is that everyone understands and communicates about the pet’s medical findings so that proper choices can be made.

As an AAHA-accredited practice, we meet or exceed AAHA’s extensive standards for patient care and hospital services. AAHA’s standards help ensure that we provide your pets with the highest quality healthcare possible. SRVH has repeatedly been awarded AAHA’s highest level of accreditation.

Jaswinder Goraya, D.V.M.

Dr. Jaswinder Goraya earned his Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH) from the college of Veterinary Science of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), India. Dr.Goraya has been practicing small animal medicine since 1996, and in the Bay Area since 2005. He worked in Toronto, Canada and India. Dr. Goraya’s special interest is Internal Medicine for felines and canines. Dr. Goraya lives in Pleasanton with his wife and daughter. When he’s not practicing Veterinary Medicine, he enjoys traveling with his family and is an avid soccer player.

Reception & Records

San Ramon Veterinary Hospital’s staff and receptionists are very helpful, capable and always happy to assist you with your concerns and questions regarding your pets. Each patient has a file containing his or her complete medical history. In addition, our computer system keeps an abbreviated version of each procedure and transaction performed for your pet.

We take the time to ensure your satisfaction with each and every client, like Jessica here quieting Eliot’s rumbly tumbly behind the front desk.  Come in for a visit today to see for yourself!

Examination Facilities

The exam rooms are where the doctor meets you and first evaluates your pet’s health. A complete history is taken. Then, a thorough physical exam of the body and its many systems is performed.

Additionally, exams are done in the treatment area on patients before treatments such as dentals, surgery, ear treatments or any other needed procedures.

In the photos on the right, you can see our doctors assisted with a patient examination, patients being tended to and soothed during treatment, and our bustling treatment area in the hospital.


At SRVH, we have a strict daily program that ensures all medical equipment, as well as the physical premises of the hospital itself are kept clean. This includes the exam rooms, reception area, x-ray, surgery, grooming, lab, kennel, treatment area, the outdoor walkways and landscaped areas.

In the image to the right you will see a veterinary assistant cleans instruments prior to sterilization. A clean, odor-free facility is vitally important to providing optimum health services to our clients and their pets.

Throughout the day, our entire staff strives to maintain our hospital as you would want your home maintained. Odor-free equals cleanliness!